KIA Memorial:

A key component of the Park is a separate area of pavers with the names  of those Killed-in-Action that were residents of Nordonia Hills. To date  there are 17 names from World War 2 and the Vietnam War located in the  Memorial

Sgt Junior Neal Clause
Sgt Kenneth Eastwood
Sgt Roderick Gillis Jr.
Pilot Carlin Gullett
Sgt Joseph R. Kane
Acting Corporal Daniel George Kapusta
Lt Daniel Cobaugh Marshall
Airman- Radioman 2nd Class Howard M. Rivers
Sgt Charles John Schoepf Jr
Radioman 3rd Class Paul Steele
Sgt William Strickler
Sgt David Dana Campbell
Lance Corporal James Alec Gazdagh
Sgt Charles Edward Hann
Corporal Walter J. Nerad Jr
Sgt Alan Peter Strazzanti
Spec 4 Charles Thomas Wilcox

Please contact us with any information that you may have concerning  someone from this area that was Killed-in-Action and you feel qualify for  placement in the KIA site.

What we need is the name and appropriate records documenting the death  as a result of enemy action.

Please call (216) 703 6180. If no one answers, please leave your name,  phone number and the purpose of your call.