We did it! ! !

My team worked very hard and despite being told it couldn’t be done, we finished all elements for the phase one portion of the Veterans Memorial Park in time for the dedication ceremony on September 16th and it was a great event.

Phase One consists of the Memorial flanked by the VFW Post 6768 and the American Legion Post 801 granite benches, the Main Archway, the War on Terror and the Vietnam War Monuments each flanked by a donated bench, three flagpoles, and the inscribed pavers donated to date.

We will be updating the park website to reflect our accomplishments.

We are taking a break over the winter months.  We will still be accepting any donations that you wish to contribute.  During this short break we will start up our monthly informative ads after New Year’s 2018 when work on the park will resume.  If we can do as well with the fund raising as we have done this year, it may be possible to finish the park by the end of September 2018.

The Veterans Memorial Park website has additional information to aid in making a donation at any level to support this project including a link to our Go Fund Me website which is set up for credit card donations.  If you have any questions, please call one of the listed phone numbers and one of our AL or VFW members will be glad to talk with you.

Inscribed on the back of the Memorial

Inscribed on the Back of Vietnam Memorial

Inscribed on the Back of War on Terror



Great news!  On Wednesday morning, June 14th, we poured the footers for the main archway, the main memorial and the three flag poles.  The Service Director, John Hnottavange, and his crew: Ron Firem. Bryan Schumann, Jayson McRitchie, Jason Czech, Mike Debrouse, and Chuck Bulanda worked hard in the oppressive heat to get the 40 yards of delivered concrete in place.  The concrete was provided by Ioppolo Concrete at reduced rate and the pumper was provided by Hydracrete Pumping at a reduced rate because of the nature of the project.  This crew and a few others are shown in the picture.

After the forms are taken down, we will bring in the main memorial and place it on the footer and then cover it with plywood for protection until the dedication day.  Then the next step is to place the electric lines, junction boxes, water lines, and drainage pipes.  With that done the backfilling and grading will be started.  When that is finished, the main plaza will be poured and the paver’s installed.  The park dedication ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 16th.


The Memorial Park Ground Breaking Ceremony at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, May 9th, finally marked the official physical start of the Veterans Memorial Park construction.  We are now reasonably confident that Phase One can be completed by mid-September.  We have picked POW/MIA Recognition Day, September 15th, for the dedication of the Veterans Memorial Park.   Going from left to right shoveling the ceremonial first dirt are representatives from the three organizations making this happen: Dan Davis, representing the VFW, Joe Migliorini, the mayor of Macedonia, and Dave Pristash, representing the American Legion. With the weather now in our favor, the mayor has assured us that the foundations for Phase One can be completed by the end of June.  That will allow us to begin the installation of the main memorial, the main arch, the three flag poles, the plaza and bricks and the War on Terror and Vietnam War monuments.